Repair Cafe Odense

Our volunteers


Roberta Poškaitė

  • RCO chairperson
  • Sustainable design and textiles enthusiast
  • Sewing, up-cycling, and repairing clothes
  • Visual arts background
Foreman Alain

Alain Kovacs 

  • treasurer
  • electronics engineer
  • electronic & bike repair
Co-founder Birthe

Birthe Krabek

  • co-founder
  • educator
  • strategic planning
  • financial overview

Daniel Bar-Shalom

  • Associate Professor of Pharmacy
  • Inventor (pharmaceuticals and devices)
  • Dislikes waste of good resources
  • Enjoys bringing things “back to life”
  • Experienced in electronics, computers – hard- and software
  • Amateur gourmet chef
Volunteer Dylan

Dylan Cawthorne

  • mechanical engineer and drone researcher
  • strategic planning, mechanical repairs, electronics, and sewing
Volunteer Olivera

Olivera Paulo

  • marketing volunteer
  • eco & sustainability enthusiast
  • marketing coordinator

Chloe Skye

  • sustainability, education, and SaaS copywriter
  • veteran treehugger and writer for Earth911
  • once won an award for rescuing plastic bottles from the trash in high school (it was embarrassing)
Ondrej Pokorny

Ondrej Pokorny

  • mechatronics and robotics engineer
  • mechanical and electronics repairs, 3D printing

Ditte Rasmussen

  • Pensionist.
  • Har altid syet, strikket og hæklet.
  • Kan hjælpe med forskellige reparationer af tøj.

Jørgen Mørup

  • pensioneret elektriker
  • reparerer  cykler
  • elektriske apparater  

Romain Gilbert


Hridya Valia Madapally


Kim B. Rasmussen

  • educated welder, electrician, energy guide
  • 3D printing, bicycle repair, mechanical and electrical repair


  • contact us if you want to become a volunteer at RCO!

Former Volunteers

Dominika Alexa Teigiserova 

  • board member
Volunteer Erik

Eric Prosch-Jensen

  • supplemental board member
  • aerospace technical designer
  • bike repair expert
Guillaume Quévy

Guillaume Quévy

  • robotics and drone engineer
  • bicycle and electronics repairs
Volunteer Elisavet

Elisavet Angouria-Tsorochidou

  • board member
Volunteer Martin

Martin Svoboda

  • electronics engineer
  • electronic repair
  • sustainability enthusiast